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I have been scrapbooking for over 10 years, and have taught classes all over South Africa, as well as in Australia. I am passionate about teaching people that the process of memory keeping should be fun, not stressful, that there are NO mistakes in Scrapbooking, you can do whatever makes you happy and that making a bit of a mess while creating is just what the doctor ordered.  Sometimes I love just cutting pretty paper and adding a photo (or 10) and other times I love making my own paper and making a BIG MESS...

I have been getting requests from people to do online classes and I really hope that this way people will be able to lose their fear of cutting paper while preserving their precious memories or just crafting for fun!

Creating an online classroom in South Africa, with our very slow Internet Speed, has been a tremendous challenge. No wonder there are not lots of these kind of sites in South Africa! I don't think Jeffreys Bay will get Fibre Internet soon - so please bear with me.  My goal is to provide you with a high quality online classroom. Rome was not built in a day - but it sure got built! 

I don't think I know it all.  I just know what I know and do what I love.  There is no such thing as a "mistake" or using a product "wrong" - there are easy ways and hard ways to do things, better and worse ways.  I might not have the easiest or best way of doing something, but I just enjoy what I am doing.

The whole idea behind Create with Cariena is to present the classes in a way I would have taught them as if you are actually in my class.  I might offer kits for sale of the classes I am doing (sometimes), but mostly you can just use your own product. There will be some of my kits available for sale, PDF sketches and notes, SVG Cut Files I designed for use with your Silhouette (or other electronic cutting machine) as well as products I think would be fun for you, available for purchase

When I started Scrapbooking, I took some online classes - our internet was just way too slow 10 years ago and I remember a 10 minute video would buffer for about an hour...  Not ideal. I know time is really a very rare and precious thing to all of us.  Sometimes people contact me and say they really wish they could attend a class or Event, but they have obligations on that day, they are simply too far or it is too expensive.  Offering classes this way makes it really affordable (cost of a class is R25 (under $3) and it gives you the freedom to watch when you actually have the time.

On this site I will share FREE classes now and again, but mostly you will be able to buy the classes you think you would like.  You can download them to your PC/Laptop/Tablet etc and watch them as many times as you would like!  I have tried to keep the size of the classes small enough so that they take no longer than about 3-5 minutes to download (depending on your internet speed). 

I am always open to constructive criticism and welcome all suggestions!

Thank you for taking this journey with me!


Any and all of the products I use in my videos, I buy myself from Scrapbook Studio.  None of them are sponsored, unless otherwise stated.

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